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An Emergency Dentist for Lost or Broken Fillings

Sometimes it seems that the world is against your teeth. First there’s the hard stuff…olive pits, ice, hard candy, popcorn kernels…all of these can break a tooth or cause you to lose a filling. Then there’s the taffy and gum, the sticky stuff that pulls as you chew. Even flossing can be the final straw that breaks the filling in your back teeth. Even if it’s not a traumatic event, you’ll still know that the filling is gone because you’re brain, with the aid of your tongue, jaw, and teeth, has made a mental map of how your mouth is supposed to feel. Quick! Head to Center City Emergency Dentist!


While the expected life of a new filling has increased dramatically, many of us will start to lose the fillings that we’ve been living with for decades. When this happens, why is it so important to see an emergency dentist right away?


A missing filling is not something that will go unnoticed. The pain might be the first thing that gets you to see an emergency dentist, because you might not be able to eat until you do. When you lose a filling it exposes enamel and dentin that was previously protected. When that’s gone you’re that much closer to the root, and food that gets compacted in there can cause extreme pain.


A broken filling can be just as bad as a missing one. First of all, you don’t want to take the chance of swallowing it. Also, a broken filling can provide the perfect crevice for food to get in there and hide. If you can’t brush the food away, the bacteria and acids get inside your tooth and start eating away. The need for a simple replacement filling from Central City Emergency Dentist can lead to much bigger problems if not addressed right away.


When you’re lost or broken a filling, get yourself to an emergency dentist right away. We’ll help get rid of the pain and help prevent future problems.

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