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Implant Dentistry & Crowns In Center City, Philadelphia

dental crown philadelphiaWhen you’re missing a tooth, it can lead to more problems and dangers with your oral health. An oral surgery that leads to long-term replacements for missing teeth and increased health, dental implants integrate with your jawbone and provide high stability.


At our dentistry in Center City, Philadelphia, we restore your teeth, making them stronger and improving the appearance of your smile.


Make an appointment with our team right now and receive same day service for implants or crowns. We provide many restorative treatments that are robust and durable, including tooth abscess treatment in Philadelphia.

Dental Implants

When your tooth is lost, there is an imbalance which causes teeth nearby the gap to shift out of place. This leads to a higher chance of gum infection around the gap caused from tooth loss. Tooth loss affects your speech and causes pain when you’re eating. The surgery for dental implants in Philadelphia offers a relaxing and comfortable environment while you’re treated with the expertise of our emergency dentists.


center city philadelphia dental crownThe jawbone will grow around the implant, helping to keep your prosthetic in place. It will be attached to your jaw the same way a tooth is, and any trauma it receives will mimic that of a tooth. The process of surgery requires local anesthesia as the dentist will create a small incision in the soft gum tissue to access the jawbone. The implant will be torqued into place when a bony recess is created.


After the successful procedure for dental implants in Center City, we take impressions of your teeth and fabricate dental crowns, which is cemented and screwed over it. As you take proper care of your new implanted teeth, it can last years without a need for repair.


Dental Crowns

A crown is bonded to the tooth and improves the appearance of your teeth and your smile. When we examine your mouth, we determine whether a crown is right for you. Another option you have to replace uneven spaces or crooked teeth is Philadelphia dental veneers.


When you have a broken crown, our emergency dentists resolve your situation with same day service that exceeds your expectations. The tooth your crown was attached to is now exposed and needs prompt treatment. Without our emergency service, you may be looking at a Center City, Philadelphia broken tooth extraction.


We make sure that your crowns are properly placed with the highest quality of materials. Don’t let anything affect your oral health.


We’re a trusted and respected cosmetic dentistry in Center City, Philadelphia, offering professional treatment to correct improper bites and protect restored teeth at our Philadelphia office.


Contact us today for emergency restorations that give you a beautiful smile.

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