Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Available Now in Philadelphia, PA

If you need oral surgery to perform an extraction, have dental implants placed, remove an impacted tooth, or correct issues caused by periodontal gum disease, you can trust the professionals at Center City Emergency Dentists in Philadelphia, PA. For over a half-century, our practice has provided dental services, ensuring our patients have excellent oral health.

Our dentists pride themselves on providing customized solutions to members of the community that require care. Our staff members are dedicated to creating a caring environment for anyone looking to maintain or improve their dental health through oral surgery or other clinical services.

Dental Extractions

Oftentimes, teeth that have not been properly maintained, are severely damaged, or due to gum issues will need to be extracted to ensure more significant problems like infection do not occur. When you require a dental extraction, our oral surgeons will thoroughly explain the process beforehand. Our staff can review tooth extraction costs with you as well. We understand how important your oral health is and will take all the necessary steps during your procedure to make it as painless and worry-free as possible.

Tooth Removal

Tooth removal is essential in order to prevent more severe problems from occurring. If a damaged or diseased tooth is not removed in a timely manner, an infection can occur. If left untreated, an infection in your mouth can cause serious health issues, including death. If you require a tooth removal for a damaged or decayed tooth, contact Center City Emergency Dentist in Philadelphia, PA, today to schedule an appointment.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

While wisdom teeth were once used by our ancestors to chew coarse and hard foods like nuts, meats, and roots, these teeth are no longer necessary. With the advent of cooking and changes to the human diet, wisdom teeth outgrew their usefulness, literally. Now, since the human jaw is smaller, wisdom teeth often cause problems when they begin to grow in the mouth. Less space for the teeth means the possibility of an impacted tooth and infection.

To remedy this problem, oral surgeons commonly perform wisdom teeth removal. Our team of dental experts has performed oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth for many of our clients and can provide the same level of quality care to you as well.

Periodontal Gum Disease

Periodontal gum disease is a serious condition that sometimes requires dental surgery to correct the issue. If you are experiencing problems with your gums and suspect gum disease, contact our offices today to schedule an appointment and evaluation.

Dental Bone Graft

Another problem that can arise with your oral health is the deterioration of the jaw bone. There are several issues that can lead to bone loss, yet with the help of Center City Emergency Dentist, you can receive a dental bone graft that will correct the problem and improve your oral health.


In most circumstances, patients will require anesthesia for their oral surgery. Our practice offers both local anesthesia and general anesthesia, depending on the requirements of the procedure. Our trained staff is certified to administer both general anesthesia and local anesthesia, ensuring your safety during whatever surgery is needed.

Center City Emergency Dentist: Providing Superior Care for Oral Surgery and Other Dental Procedures

Our staff has extensive experience in everything related to your oral health. Whether you require dental surgery for wisdom tooth removal, a dental implant, or periodontal disease, we can provide superior care, protecting your overall health and wellbeing. You can contact us today to learn more about tooth extraction costs and what you’ll need when visiting our office. Call to schedule an appointment!