Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery with Compassionate Dentists You Can Trust

When you’re going through something as critical and as delicate as oral surgery, going to a dentist you’re comfortable with and can trust is essential, allowing you to go into the procedure with the confidence and peace of mind that your health is in the hands of experienced specialists with your best interests at heart.

That’s why our team at Center City Emergency Dentist handles more than just emergencies. Our dentists are second-to-none in performing a range of sensitive procedures.


A dental extraction, also known as tooth removal, may need to be done for a number of reasons, including:

  • You have an impacted molar or wisdom tooth.
  • You have a tooth that is loose, decayed, or cracked.
  • Your mouth is overcrowded with teeth.
  • You have gum disease, and a tooth is interfering with proper treatment.

Our dental specialists are expertly trained in both simple extractions of visible teeth as well as surgical extractions of teeth that are embedded below the gum line.

Bone Grafting

A bone graft is a minor surgical procedure that involves attaching a grafting material to the jaw bone surrounding a tooth, and is typically taken from other bone or made from synthetic materials. Inserted via a small incision made in the gums, dentists generally perform bone grafts for purposes such as:

  • Saving teeth

If you have periodontal disease, our specialists can use bone grafts to try to save teeth at risk of becoming loose and getting lost.

  • Dental implants

Dental implants require a strong bone structure to stay in place, and bone grafts are a great way to boost the volume of the surrounding bone.

  • Tooth extractions

Missing teeth can cause the surrounding bone structure to resorb into the body. Our dentists at CCED can make sure your mouth is well protected following an extraction.


Our dental professionals are experts in the use of anesthesia. Far from a painful experience, our compassionate specialists will ensure that your dental procedure is as smooth and pain-free as possible. Our team performs both:

  • Local anesthesia
    • We can numb the precise area of the mouth where the procedure is being done to minimize discomfort.
  • General anesthesia
    • Our certified specialists can expertly place you under general anesthesia, rendering you unconscious for more intensive procedures.

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