Routine Cleaning & Exams

Routine Cleaning & Exams

At CCED, we handle more than just emergencies. Need a general check-up or an appointment for your regular teeth cleaning? We’ve got Center City and the entire Philadelphia area covered. Our hygienists are always available for fillings, cleanings, and routine exams to prepare you for a doctor’s evaluation. Our facility houses both general dentists, as well as skilled specialists who are ready to provide any service you need.

Types of Oral Cleaning:

– General teeth cleaning (prophylaxis)
– Deep teeth cleaning (Scaling & Root Planning)

Prophylaxis (General Cleaning)

Visiting the dentist for your routine teeth cleaning is important to maintain good oral health. Dentists recommend that patients come in every six months for a Prophy (short for Prophylaxis) to remove residue from the teeth that brushing and flossing leaves behind. This thorough cleaning helps prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease from progressing.

Scaling & Root Planning – Deep Cleaning

This type of procedure consists of a deep cleaning below the gum line. Patients suffering from gum disease (periodontitis) typically require this type of teeth cleaning and should be done every three to four months. Periodontitis, also known as gum disease, causes gums to recede and form spaces called pockets. Unfortunately, brushing and flossing alone can’t remove the debris stuck in these pockets. To remove that debris, you need a dental professional with the right tools.

There are two parts to a scaling and root planning procedure :

  1. Scaling removes plaque and tartar from above the gum line, all the way to the bottom of the pocket.
  2. Root planning re-attaches your gums to your teeth by smoothing out the roots. This procedure may require a local anesthetic. Therefore, to avoid numbing the entire mouth, a scaling and root planning procedure could take more than one visit to the dentist.

After the procedure, you may feel some pain and sensitivity for up to a week. You may also experience some tenderness, bleeding and swelling. See our aftercare tips to take care of the treated site properly.

Why get a routine cleaning?

1. Regular teeth cleanings prevent plaque and tartar from causing problems in the future.

Plaque is a soft, white residue that remains on your teeth after you eat a meal. Plaque can easily be removed by brushing your teeth. However, if you neglect your teeth, this debris can build up and turn into tartar (also known as calculus), which is a hard buildup that is not easily removed by flossing or brushing. Our dental professionals have the necessary tools and equipment to remove the hard buildup that can lead to gum disease.

2. Cleanings help banish bad breath.

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be a sign of oral diseases such as gingivitis/periodontitis. Causes of bad breath include: food debris stuck in between teeth or on the gum line and/or a gum infection. Scheduling routine check-ups and teeth cleanings with your dentist and hygienist can help keep bad breath from getting in the way of your daily activities.

3. Clean teeth create a beautiful smile.

Teeth cleanings can help remove unwanted stains on teeth. Stained, yellow and dull-colored teeth can hinder your confidence and prevent you from showcasing your smile. At CCED, we want your smile to shine so you can make a great first impression everywhere you go.

What CCED can do for you:

Our experienced dentists in Center City, Philadelphia, such as Dr. Tummillo, Dr. Cabrera, and the rest of our providers, recommend that prophylaxis should be done twice a year (or every six months) and every three to four months for patients dealing with periodontitis. By reaching those hard-to-clean areas you might be neglecting when you brush and floss, we can remove stubborn plaque and tartar and prevent future oral problems.

Our Center City Emergency Dentist facility houses more than 10 experienced dental health providers with multiple specialties. As our patient, you’ll receive all the quality care you need without having to leave our office. From general check-ups to emergency dental care, CCED can do it all. Give us a call to schedule your routine check-up or make an appointment with one of our specialists!