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Emergency Dentist Trauma Care

Unfortunately, tooth trauma can come from just about anywhere. Aggressive sports, car accidents, and getting into fights are some of the more common reasons people need to see an emergency dentist. But it can also happen playing pitch and catch, riding a bike in your neighborhood, or catching your foot on the sofa and going face first onto the coffee table. And of course, it can happen any time of day or night.


That’s why it’s so important to have access to a 24-hour emergency dentist no matter when your tooth trauma occurs. When a tooth or teeth have been knocked out, get to CCED right away! We’ll do everything we can to save your teeth and get your smile back in top shape.


But what can you do for your tooth before you get to an emergency dentist?


  1. First, find the tooth. Even if the tooth itself is broken, it’s better to repair the tooth after it’s back in your mouth than to start from scratch with an artificial one
  2. If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with water. Don’t use too much water pressure, though, as that can damage the roots.
  3. Put it between your gum and cheek, because your saliva is a better preserver than water. If you’re at home and have thought ahead, put it in a tooth preservation solution like Save-A-Tooth.
  4. Get to CCED as fast as you can! The tooth roots start to die at around 15 minutes, and after 30 minutes the chance of reimplementation is reduced dramatically.


Dental trauma causes extreme commotion and turmoil in your life, but you can’t slow down until you get to an emergency dentist at CCED. After that, relax and let us do everything we can to save your smile.

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