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Emergency Tooth Extractions

If you are suffering from oral pain and have been considering getting a tooth extraction done in Center City, Philadelphia, you should come see CCED for an oral evaluation posthaste! Our licensed oral health care specialist will discuss the nature of your pain (and other dental concerns) with you, before examining your gums, teeth and jaw to determine the best treatment plan for your personal malady. Sometimes an abscessed tooth can recover with an emergency root canal, but in other cases an extraction is the best case of action.


There are two main reasons you should have an emergency tooth extraction at CCED in Philadelphia:

  1. A tooth has become too damaged for repair
  2. A wisdom tooth has emerged and caused subsequent dental pain and damage

Pericoronitis and Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal

Pericoronitis refers to the inflammation of that is caused by the eruption of a wisdom tooth through the gum. Symptoms of acute pericoronitis signaling the need for emergency wisdom teeth removal, may include:

  • A dull ache seeming to stem from the jawemergency wisdom teeth removal philadelphia
  • Swollen gum tissue that results in physical discomfort (and even sharp pain) when touched and while chewing food
  • A bad taste in the mouth that doesn’t seem to go away even after brushing and flossing
  • Fever
  • Difficulty opening the mouth (due to swelling)
  • Wisdom tooth abscess


It is actually quite a common dental problem for young adults, and it occurs in the lower wisdom teeth ninety-five percent of the time. Pericoronitis develops as microbes become trapped between your gum and the partially erupted wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth that cause a patient to suffer swelling and pain are often removed, because they are not vital to maintaining proper occlusion (bite-alignment).


Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted. In fact, some people never have to get a single wisdom tooth taken out! Wisdom teeth should only be extracted when they:

  • Do not come through on their own
  • Are impacted on other teeth
  • Emerge at a bad angle
  • Are difficult or impossible to clean and maintain
  • Begin causing pericoronitis


Caries (Tooth Decay) and Associated Complications Leading to Emergency Extractions

Caries is the scientific term for tooth decay, which is commonly referred to as cavities. It is caused by bacteria that produce enamel- and dentin-destroying acid. These bacteria live in plaque and turn carbohydrates and sugars from the food you eat into acids that dissolve the minerals in your enamel. Once the acid begins to seep through your enamel’s pores, it begins affecting the soft, inner dentin layer (which is the central part of your tooth), and creates a cavity.


If the caries are not removed, the bacteria will continue to spread acid into your tooth’s soft pulp and nerve fibers; the inflammation of your dental pulp is called pulpitis, which can reach the roots of your tooth and cause a root infection and require immediate tooth extraction.


Other Reasons for Emergency Extractions in Center City, Philadelphia:

  • Severe tooth trauma
  • Jaw trauma
  • Root fractures
  • Root cracks


If a tooth is increasing your risk of infection, you may need to consider having us remove it proactively, especially before beginning certain medications or undergoing a (non-dental) surgery. Some medications can weaken the body’s immune system, and even minor tooth infections can spread quickly. If you are starting cancer treatment, or take rheumatoid arthritis medication, you should have us treat your teeth before an infection leads to other serious health problems.


Surgical treatments that require a patient to be in optimum general health might only succeed if you are free of infection-causing bacteria found in damaged teeth.


For informed dental evaluations and restorative treatments, contact us at CCED  i Philadelphia today with your dental emergency. We will help you determine if you need deep cleaning, require a root canal or tooth extraction, or emergency dental implants to get you back to smiling sooner!

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