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It’s important to take on every day feeling your absolute best. When you’re feeling good, you’ll want to smile. But if you don’t feel truly confident with your teeth, you might hold back from showing them. This can cause self-esteem issues and can prevent you from smiling and making a positive impression at work, social gatherings, and more.

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Self-confidence is always key in the workplace and beyond. If you aren’t confident with your smile, you can’t perform to your best ability or shine your brightest. If you want to shake the insecurities that your smile gives you, it might be the time to consider braces.


Adult Braces

It’s never too late to get braces. Whether your teeth have been crooked for years, or you gradually developed dental misalignment from poor habits, adult braces can be the perfect solution for you and your teeth.


Adult braces are a common appliance in orthodontics. They remain in your mouth for at least one year and can improve the permanent appearance and health of your teeth. They perform several functions that can give you a smile you’ve been hoping for.


Braces are primarily used to straighten teeth, but they have many other functions as well. Braces can fix overbites and underbites, which improves the overall appearance and can solve issues such as difficulty with eating and speaking. Braces can also close gaps in the teeth. Braces can straighten all teeth, align them, and bring them within an appropriate distance of one another to result in a beautiful smile.


If you’re looking to get adult braces in Philadelphia, consider receiving your orthodontic services at Center City Emergency Dentists. Our orthodontist, Dr. Han Lee, focuses on children orthodontics and adult orthodontics alike to give all patients a smile they want to show off.

About Dr. Han Lee

Dr. Han Lee is a thoroughly educated orthodontist with degrees from Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry in Philadelphia and The University of Colorado. She earned membership in the Dental Honors Society Omicron Kappa Upsilon and American Association of Orthodontics.


Dr. Han Lee discovered her passion for orthodontics when she was 16 and had her braces removed. She had a newfound confidence and wanted to give patients that same feeling. Her goal is to provide services that will have patients loving their smile.


Braces to Give You the Smile You Want

We understand that feeling good about your teeth is one of the most important parts of dentistry. It’s important to have access to treatments and appliances that can give you a smile that you want. We offer our orthodontic services to improve long-term oral health and appearance for adults and children.


Braces, in particular, can provide you with benefits in regards to both confidence and health. While you have the braces on, you will be able to notice a gradual difference in the appearance of your teeth. But you will truly see a difference after the braces are removed. Even if you don’t enjoy the appearance of braces, the permanent benefits will be worth it. When your braces are removed, you will be able to confidently smile and show off teeth that appear to be good as new.


If you do not want adult braces because of the appearance, you can try Invisalign, which performs the same function as braces but are virtually invisible.


Regardless of age, adult braces are always a great option to give yourself the confidence you’ve always been looking for. If you are looking for a reliable orthodontist in Center City, Philadelphia, look no further that our team.


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Dr. Han Lee will provide expert orthodontic services in Center City and will inform you of all the benefits of braces. Whether you want braces to straighten your teeth or close a gap, our orthodontic services will give you the solution you’ve been looking for. After having your adult braces removed, you will be able to take on the workplace or social scene with a brand new smile and a brand new attitude.

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