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Dental Implants & Crowns

Implant Dentistry and Dentistry for Broken Crowns and Dentures in Center City, Philadelphia

When you are missing a tooth or have been suffering from damage and decay, oral surgery can help to alleviate the pain. Oral surgery can also provide a functional tooth that looks and feels natural, as a replacement for the one causing your dental troubles. Our team provides the essential restorative treatments for missing, damaged, or deteriorating teeth; from dental crowns to tooth abscess treatment in Philadelphia, all our treatments are designed to eliminate your pain and last a lifetime.


Dental implants, which are replacement teeth surgically inserted into the jaw bone, are engineered to create a foundation and act as an artificial tooth. Implants can preserve your facial contours, even if you’ve lost a tooth due to periodontal disease, an accident or an injury. Once you have visited our facility for cosmetic dentistry in Center City, Philadelphia and received dental implants, you will be able to smile with confidence again.


Your Center City, Philadelphia dentist at our office will determine where the implant should be placed, and create a treatment plan after a careful evaluation and discussion with you.

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Are You A Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

To qualify for candidacy for dental implant procedures, you must:

  • Have no current cavities
  • Show no signs of active infection
  • Be in general good health (oral and otherwise)
  • Remain free of periodontal disease (have healthy gum tissues)

If you have any questions concerning your eligibility for getting a dental implant at Philadelphia-located Center City Emergency Dentist, give us a call and consult with one of our medical staff to determine whether we can perform the procedure. We work together with you to help ensure we can give you safe, healing dentistry.


The Two Types of Dental Implants We Offer:

  • In Bone: Endosteal, or in bone dental implants, are the most commonly used. They are inserted inside the jaw bone using screws, blades or cylinders.
  • On Bone: Subperiosteal, or on bone dental implants, are placed on top of the jaw. Posts from a metal framework are put in place, which protrude through the gum. The implants are connected to these posts and remain secure. This type of dental implant is used when one of our dentists determines that your bone height will not support in bone implants, or you are unable to wear dentures.

Dental Implant Process

The process of getting dental implants takes between six to eight months, and is comprised of a varying number of steps, depending on which type of dental implant procedure is being done:

  1. Numbing: We begin by providing local anesthesia to numb the area and prepare the site for the dental implant.
  2. Accessing the Jawbone: The first surgical step we take, is to make incisions in your overlying gum tissue and use an elevator (a kind of hand tool) to push and peel the flaps of your gum tissue back, so that we have access to your jawbone. If your jawbone is not flat and smooth, we will need to take the extra step of using a drill to reshape it slightly.
  3. Screw Placement: Next we place a screw into your jawbone using specially made surgical instruments for the mouth, and make sure that the area is cleaned.
  4. Healing: After the screw has been secured, it is essential to wait an appropriate amount of time for your jaw and gum tissues to heal; usually, it takes three to six months for an implant to fuse with your jawbone before it can be restored (this step can take more time for some people than others).
  5. Placing Your Permanent Dental Prosthesis: After the fusion has occurred and your jaw has fully healed, an abutment is screwed into place and your fabricated dental crown is cemented over the abutment.


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can drastically improve the look of your smile by filling in empty gaps with natural looking teeth. Another option you might consider for helping out your smile is to have uneven spaces or crooked teeth corrected with dental veneers in our Philadelphia office.

Located in Center City, Philadelphia, we make sure that your crowns are created with the highest quality of materials and are placed with the utmost care. When you have a broken crown, need a dental implant or need Center City, Philadelphia broken tooth extraction, you can trust our team in Philadelphia to make you proud of your new smile.

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