Three Reasons to Regularly Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is one of the most hygienic activities to perform for your overall health. Not only will regular cleaning help to make you feel more confident and brave in social situations, but it will also please others. Draw more people and opportunities by displaying a beaming white smile. Here are three great reasons to regularly brush your teeth:

  1. Better Smelling Breath

Nobody ever wants to be “that guy” at the party with wolf-breath. Whether you’re preparing for a first date or job interview, or want to be ready for whenever you’ll see your crush at the coffee shop next, make sure that you have fresh and clean-smelling breath at all times. The foul stench of dirty breath can literally push people away from you. Make an influential and long lasting first impression while talking to those around you with crisp, cool, and minty breath. Don’t let your stink-breath be the reason your voice is not being heard.

  1. Whiter Teeth

Nowadays there’s plenty of toothpaste and mouthwash brands that offer whitening products at reasonable prices for customers looking to enhance their smile. Don’t let your brown or yellowing teeth scare young children. Smile with immediate confidence after brushing with toothpaste that includes a whitening agent. After brushing your teeth, use a mouthwash with similar components to make your smile glisten.

It is true that these products must be used on a consistent basis to continue to see progress, but it is relieving to know that they also have immediate effects. Brushing with these smile-enhancing products will make your teeth feel and look cleaner and brighter. Brush regularly to help prevent the discoloration caused by unhealthy dental hygiene, and immediately reward yourself with a sparkle to your smile wherever you go by using whitening toothpaste and mouthwash with fluoride.

  1. Keep ’em around

If you’re trying to look like Bobby Clarke of the Flyers during the 1970s or any other current or retired hockey star, it’s understandable why you’d want to be missing teeth. For those people that aren’t trying to look like an NHL player or like they’ve been chewing rocks all their lives, brush regularly to strengthen your chompers and keep them feeling smooth and clear of the debris left over from your previous meal.

If you’ve received emergency wisdom teeth removal in Philadelphia, you’re probably not looking like a Flyer–but those are teeth that, most times, you do want to have removed. If you’ve enjoyed the hockey-look for long enough and, for example, are looking to fix some teeth that you might have damaged playing in a men’s hockey league, check out a dentist with veneers in center city Philadelphia. If they’re all intact right now, though, consider yourself lucky–keep brushing regularly to avoid cavities, help prevent gum disease and, most importantly, to keep all of those pearly whites.

Without brushing regularly, you’ll jeopardize great opportunities to be impressionable. Prove to others how much you care about your own health and hygiene by brushing your teeth on a consistent basis. Allow frequent dental maintenance to be reflective of your health-conscious personality.