What is Considered an Emergency Dental Visit?

Emergencies don’t wait for anyone. They are unexpected, inconvenient, and can be extremely painful. In dire situations like these, Center City Emergency Dentist is here for you. We are a 24-hour clinic that specializes in many fields of dentistry, from cosmetic restoration to endodontics. Read on to learn about what an emergency dental visit entails. 

Tooth Fracture

As an adult with good oral hygiene, your teeth should never feel loose or start falling out without warning. That’s normal for children, whose teeth are still maturing, but not so much for grown individuals. Feeling your teeth wiggle around is a sign that something is wrong. You might have an infection or tooth injury you didn’t know about until now. It’s best to take care of this problem as soon as possible, especially if your tooth falls out. Only quick dental work can place your real tooth back where it belongs in your mouth. 

Serious Infections 

You think you’ve been taking good care of your oral infection, when suddenly, you begin to experience unbearable pain. Now what are you going to do? Call Center City Emergency Dentist for emergency dental services in the Philadelphia area, of course! Cavities or other tooth damage that is left untreated will fester until it turns into a dental abscess, or an incredibly painful infection. This kind of pain doesn’t go away on its own. It requires professional care, if not minor surgery. 

Bleeding Mouth 

When you begin to sense a metallic taste in your mouth, you could be bleeding without even knowing it. Healthy gums should never bleed. Unless you somehow accidentally cut yourself while brushing or flossing, bleeding gums are an indication of early gum disease. However, a little bit of blood isn’t cause for panic (it’s more of a warning that you need to start taking better care of your tooth), but regular or excessive bleeding is a red flag. 

Swollen Jaw

Your oral health has an effect on the whole body, from the jaw to the heart and beyond. If your jaw starts swelling or hurting out of nowhere, you most likely have a severe mouth infection that is traveling down. The key to eliminating this infection is seeking treatment as soon as possible. That means, don’t wait another minute to contact your local 24-hour dentist for an emergency appointment. 

Severe Toothache

When you’re in pain, you’re in pain. But you shouldn’t have to be. It’s bad enough dealing with minor toothaches that can be cured with over-the-counter medicine, let alone a severe one that requires immediate medical attention. Unbearable toothaches can be caused by a number of oral issues, so getting diagnosed by a professional is the key to receiving proper relief. 

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