The Effects of Vaping on Teeth

While high school students might believe that vaping devices are a safe and trendy alternative to cigarettes, the effects of vaping can also cause health problems. Some might be skeptical of how vaping can damage teeth, but it can damage far more. Although there may be lower nicotine levels in vaping liquids, the other chemicals present can create several other problems that traditional tobacco products can’t.

Here are the various ways that the effects of vaping can damage a vaper’s mouth.

Vaping Isn’t Free From Nicotine

The effects of nicotine are notorious for restricting blood flow to the gums, and while vaping liquid has less overall nicotine, it is still enough to cause significant harm. Decreased blood flow in the gums can cause a myriad of issues, such as reducing their ability to stave off infections. Additionally, lack of oxygen flow to the gums can cause them to recess. This detriment can increase the sensitivity of the teeth, which in turn increases the chances of problems like cavities. However, this is just one of the forms of damage caused by vaping.

Vape Contains Dangerous Chemicals

Propylene Glycol is a core ingredient in vaping liquid that’s absent in other tobacco-based products, and it can cause various problems for one’s mouth. After a vaper ingests Propylene Glycol, it breaks down into an acid that is toxic to soft tissue and tooth enamel. Given that cigarettes lack this chemical, this is one such way that the tooth damage caused by vaping is worse than other tobacco products.

Additionally, Propylene Glycol can reduce the amount of saliva in a vaper’s mouth and cause dry mouth. Teenagers usually have higher saliva quantities than older adults but have begun to develop dry-mouth-related diseases, such as periodontal disease, because of vaping. Further, dry mouth can also cause plaque buildup, tooth decay, and other tooth damages caused by vaping.

Another dangerous chemical found in vape liquid is vegetable glycerin, which is used as a sweetener. Even if the sweetener tastes good to vapers, their mouths won’t appreciate the damaging effects it has. After inhaling a vape, the sweetener can help bacteria stick to their teeth and increase the chances of an infection.

Vaping Can Cause Tremendous Damage to More Than Your Teeth

When all of the aforementioned chemicals combine in a vaper’s mouth, the results can be disastrous. The inflammation caused by the nicotine exposure, increased bacteria, and dry mouth all work together to make an individual’s mouth more susceptible to gum disease, which hurts more than just their teeth. Other potential tooth damages caused by vaping include oral infections and oral cancer, which can be deadly if not addressed early on in their progression.

Additionally, the lithium batteries in certain e-cigarettes have exploded in the past. Though the likelihood of such an event occurring is low, vape explosions can cause considerable damage in a victim’s mouth if they were vaping when the battery exploded.

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