3 Foods to Avoid This Holiday Season to Minimize Orthodontic Damage

If you have braces or other another orthodontic mouthpiece, make sure you don’t undo any of your progress you’ve already made by eating the wrong foods! Orthodontic wear, especially traditional bracket braces, can be very sensitive and misaligned by foods that are sticky, gummy or extra chewy.

Here are three foods that you should avoid eating when you’re visiting family members and friends this holiday season!

  • Taffy. This winter, take a pass on the taffy! Taffy is strong and sticky and tends to pull on the brackets of braces and misalign wiring. This means that you’ll have to head back to your orthodontist’s office to have brackets cemented back on. Chewy candies should also be avoided because, even if they do not damage the braces, they’re more likely to cause decay because they leave behind sugar when they get stuck in your teeth.
  • Hard cookies. Everyone loves Christmas cookies, but harder treats like gingerbread and Oreos can causes braces brackets or bars behind the teeth to crack or misalign. Try to opt for softer treats like grapes and cake, but if you’re dying for a cookie, try softening it by dipping in milk first.
  • Popcorn. If you’re getting popcorn for a holiday movie this season, make sure to read the package and opt for the hulless versions. Popcorn that has kernels can get caught in the brackets of your teeth, which can be a pain to remove.

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