3 Ways an Orthodontist Can Help You Improve Your Smile

Contrary to popular belief, getting proper orthodontic work can be just as important to your health and wellbeing as regular dental checkups and physicals from your doctor. Every day, our cosmetic dentistry in Center City Philadelphia helps Pennsylvanians improve their oral health and their smiles through proper orthodontic care. Considering seeing an orthodontist, but not sure if you should? Here are three common issues that orthodontic treatment can help to fix-

1) Overcrowding. One of the most common issues that orthodontists can help to fix is overcrowding, which is when teeth that are too close together and overlap in the jaw. Overcrowded teeth can hurt your self-esteem, and may lead to pain when chewing. An orthodontist can use braces or removable plastic ware (retainers) to help space teeth out and realign them, so they have enough room to sit properly.

2) Underbites. Underbites are misalignments of the top and bottom jaw and can cause the lower jaw to “stick out” from the bottom of the mouth, causing a toothy appearance. Underbites can cause problem with tooth overlap as well, and can contribute to staining and bacteria caught between teeth. Many people do not like their underbite, and seek to have it corrected by an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia.

3) Issues resulting from tooth loss. As adults get older, many experience problems resulting from weakening teeth and tooth loss that is not properly corrected. Many adults are also frustrated with dentures, which provide and inconvenient and sometimes unsanitary solution to problems resulting from tooth loss. Dental implants, which provide functional replacement teeth that look and feel as natural as your real teeth, have become increasingly popular in the Philadelphia area as adults search for convenient solutions that don’t interfere with their day to day lives. An orthodontist can help you decide if dental implants are the right solution to your tooth loss.

If you are suffering from one of these issues, we encourage you to visit Center City Emergency Dentist today!

The Advantages of Dental Implants

Every year, millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss. Tooth loss can be the result of decay, disease or simply the effect of aging and genetics. The loss of teeth can seriously affect your confidence and self-esteem, so most patients immediately contact their local cosmetic dentistry in Center City Philadelphia following a loose tooth for a permanent and natural solution. For years, the only options that consumer had were to wear dentures or have bridges implanted. However, patients now have a new option for permanently restoring their smiles: dental implants.

Dental implants are replacements tooth roots that are screwed into your jaw. They look like real teeth and are indistinguishable from the rest of your natural teeth. Over time, the implants will fuse with your bone, becoming permanent. And unlike your real teeth, they will never decay.

Many denture wearers find that their dentures quickly become an inconvenient part of their life. First of all, if the dentures are not perfectly fitting to the patient’s mouth, they can cause speech problems that make the patient difficult to understand. Sliding dentures can also cause problems eating, something that can cause patients to feel embarrassed and avoid eating around others. Dental implants are different; because they become a permanent part of your mouth, you’ll never have to worry about them moving around when chewing or feeling out-of-place in your mouth. Dental implants are also overall more hygienic than dentures and do not require shaving of surrounding teeth like dental bridges.

With a success rate of over 98%, dental implants are a safe alternative to dentures and bridges that can give you your smile back. Our office in Center City Philadelphia offers dental implants that will help restore your confidence. Take back your life and show the world your smile- contact us today to see if dental implants are right for you.