Defy Dentures With Dental Implants From CCED

No matter if the cause of tooth loss is due to an accident, oral surgery, or a necessary extraction due to a dangerous infection, having teeth pulled is certainly not something most individuals look forward to. After the loss of teeth, dentures have always been the traditionally common method for filling in 

the gaps and giving patients at least the appearance of a full set of functioning teeth. That is, however, until now. 

With our cutting-edge Philadelphia dental implant dentistry services, our oral-experts at CCED have the knowledge and tools to transform any toothless smile back into the strong set of chompers their patients once knew. After tooth loss, leaving a gap unfilled for too long will not only screw up the spacing of the other teeth, it will also heighten a patient’s likelihood of developing an infection or gum disease. We encourage patients to turn to our team of experts sooner rather than later to restore their smile and overall oral health with any of our dental implant services.

The Dental Implant Process with CCED

  • First, our dentists will assess whether you’re a good candidate for implants; patients with gum disease often require further treatment before the procedure.
  • Next, we’ll determine which implant is best for you, endosteal (into the bone) or subperiosteal (on top of the bone)
  • Then under local anesthesia, CCED’s dentists will make a small incision and insert the permanent implant, and you’re all done!
  • After the recovery process is complete, you’ll return to CCED for follow-up appointments to ensure your jaw bone is healing properly.

CCED: Emergency Dental Care You Can Trust

For our highly experienced team of dentists and oral-hygiene experts at CCED, providing patients with expert and immediate care in the event of an oral injury or emergency is what we do best. Our dentists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide patients with high-quality dental implants in Philadelphia in addition to a wide variety of dental services and cosmetic procedures.

If you’re interested in turning to CCED for dental implants or emergency services, please give us a call immediately at 215-315-7691 or book an appointment today through the website. Our team of dental experts at CCED looks forward to seeing you smile brighter than ever before after our work is complete!