6 Ways You Can Save Money at the Dentist


Roughly 1 in 10 Americans are afraid of the dentist, but many more people are fearful of the bill that comes afterward. At Center City Emergency Dentist, we believe that oral health is a vital component of your overall well-being and should never be ignored. That’s why we offer affordable services like oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign for teens to Philadelphia residents.

Don’t skip out on your next check-up because you’re worried about paying too much. Instead, use these six tips to save money on the services that you need.

Brush up on Your Oral Hygiene

With excellent oral hygiene, you can prevent 90% of dental cavities. Brush and floss twice a day, and use antibacterial mouthwash to resist plaque and tartar build-up. You might also want to eat more tooth-healthy foods like leafy greens, yogurt and apples.

Come in for Regular Check-Ups

It is vital that you go to your regular check-up. Preventative care like deep cleanings, examinations and X-rays stop small issues from turning into severe tooth and gum problems. Additionally, your dentist will examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer.

Sign Up for an Insurance Plan

If you have the opportunity to get dental insurance, then the upfront price will save you a lot in the long run. Many insurance plans provide crucial preventative care for free and will cover more than 50% of the cost for complex treatments like root canals.

Join a Dental Savings Plan

A dental savings plan connects you to a network of dentists who offer discounted services to members. You can save up to 50% on your visit — but you do need to pay an annual fee of $80 to $200.

Make a Plan to Tackle Treatments Slowly

Sometimes, non-urgent dental treatments can be delayed for a little while. Your dentist will help you to decide what has to be done right away, what can be covered with a temporary fix and what can wait for now.

Ask About Payment Options

At Center City Emergency Dentist, we offer cost-effective plans and financing options so that you can receive the treatment that you need. We encourage you to talk to our dentists about how we can help you afford emergency dental care, wisdom teeth removal or Invisalign for adults in our Philadelphia office. Just give us a call at 215-315-7691 today!


3 Ways to Make Flossing with Orthodontic Work Easier

Do you floss your teeth every day? If you said no, you’re like most Americans. A whopping 75% of men and women do not floss daily, and 20% do not floss at all. Braces-wearers may floss even less, as the metal brackets and wires often become a hassle when it comes to oral hygiene.

If you’ve been skipping the dental floss, you may be doing more harm to your health than you think! Read on to learn a few tips for flossing from the best orthodontist in Philadelphia.

  • Choose waxed floss. Floss that is not waxed often shreds in the mouth, which can get stuck to metal braces. Look for floss that advertises a waxy coating. This type of floss will be able to slip and slide through braces without getting caught and causing annoying strings to be left behind.
  • Use a flossing tool. One reason why braces wearers report flossing less often is that it is much more difficult to floss between brackets. Getting the floss into the space between the wire and the tooth can feel like threading a needle over and over again! Orthodontic threaders are an inexpensive and convenient way to make flossing simple. Many orthodontic offices even give them away for free in-office.
  • Help younger children. If you have a small child with orthodontic wear, you will likely have to help him or her floss, as kids do not yet have the dexterity to handle the task on their own. Have your child sit or kneel, and put on their favorite television show to help them sit still while you floss for them.

If you opt for Invisalign in Philadelphia, you can simply remove your trays while flossing and brushing your teeth, making it a simpler option when it comes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Remembering to floss every day, brushing twice a day, and heading to Center City Emergency Dentist for regular checkups will help you have a happier, healthier smile when it comes time to remove your braces!