How Orthodontic Services Can Improve Your Confidence

Our teeth can have a serious effect on our everyday lives; from smiling in photographs to discussing important business meetings, showing our smile can drastically change how others perceive us. If you find yourself wanting to smile less and cover your mouth when you speak more, our orthodontic services might be the right choice to restore your confidence. Here are just some of the problems that our orthodontic services in Philadelphia can correct.

  • Crooked teeth. After a thorough assessment of your teeth, our orthodontist can fix your crooked teeth with fixed appliances such as braces and fixed space maintainers and removable appliances such as retainers and Invisalign.
  • Overbites. One of the most common orthodontic problems is an overbite. Overbites can be attributed to genetics, a malformed jaw and bad habits such as biting nails, thumb-sucking and more. Braces can help you regain your confidence and fix your overbite.
  • Underbites.  An underbite is when your lower teeth overlap the upper teeth. This condition can cause social discomfort, eating difficulties and challenges with speaking. An underbite can be treated by orthodontic appliances and jaw surgery.
  • Gaps. An orthodontist from CCED can get rid of the gaps in your teeth. We can close this gap through braces, which will leave you with a permanent fuller smile.

We all want to be confident in ourselves and our smiles; however, it can be difficult to feel like our best self when the person who smiles back at us in the mirror just isn’t who we want to be. If you need an orthodontist in the Philadelphia area, we will help restore your confidence, leaving you ready to take on whatever challenge life throws at you next.

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