6 Substances to Avoid in Order to Improve Dental Health

Protecting and promoting the health of your teeth is certainly not something you’ll regret in your later years. By brushing your teeth and flossing regularly, you’ll help avoid getting cavities and experiencing other dentistry complications. There’s other important information, though, regarding what you should avoid eating that will work to enhance the appearance and overall health of your teeth. Below are six types of foods and substances that you should avoid eating, drinking and chewing so that you can keep your natural chompers for as long as possible:      

Chewing hard substances will—over time—cause your teeth to become increasingly vulnerable to serious damage. Every time you chew on a lollipop or chomp down on the ice that should still be chilling in your drink, you are gradually weakening the structure of your teeth. Viciously biting down on hard candy and ice will cause you to develop hairline fractures in your teeth, which will eventually lead to a broken or chipped tooth.

Citric fruit and juices can devastate the enamel of your teeth—which is a thin, translucent covering responsible for providing a level of protection for your teeth and is, in fact, in the hardest tissue in the human body. The fact that acidic foods can deteriorate your enamel says a lot about the destructive nature of particular fruits and juices. Although the sourness of lemons, limes and oranges can be so painfully-pleasing, try to avoid the direct contact of the juices on your teeth. It’s suggested that you limit your overall consumption of critic fruit and juices, or sip those drinks through a straw.

Coffee seems like it can—in only a matter of a few years—make your teeth look as if you’ve been smoking two packs-a-day for about three decades. Coffee in its most organic form is—without all the sugar and cream that you know you love to throw in there—considered to be a fairly healthy beverage. Once it’s loaded up with cream and sugar, though, on top of its evil ability to stain your teeth, it will begin to make your mouth appear and feel incredibly unattractive.

Sticky foods like gummy bears, raisins and dried fruit never like to leave the party. These stubborn candies will cling onto your teeth for dear life and refuse to wash away or get spit out. They want to nestle themselves deeply inside your teeth, so that you sooner or later get a whole bunch of cavities. Every time you’re about to eat chewy or sticky foods, just remember that they’re tough tenants to give the boot to. But if you can’t resist the temptation of sticky foods—make sure you rinse with water, brush and floss after consumption.

Potato chips will eventually lead to chips—of teeth—floating around in your mouth…Potato chips are great foods—they’re fattening and greasy, but hey, who doesn’t enjoy some chips every now and again. If you’re a chip addict and you’re trying to save your teeth from crumbling to pieces, then this is the first step in the teeth-retention process. Potato chips are filled with starch, which usually ends up being held captive in your teeth. Consider an ideal alternative to potato chips such as tomato chips or baked banana chips.

Drinks that contain a lot of sugar include soda, fruit juices and even sports drinks. Carbonated drinks usually contain a lot of sugar and are acidic, while juices and sports drinks are just deceivingly bad for oral health. By drinking water in place of soda, fruit juice and sports drinks, you will improve your dental hygiene and also benefit in other areas of your health. Water is the most natural and harmless liquid that you can use to wash down your meal, so why not choose a glass of cold water instead of a sugar-infested beverage.

Avoid hard substances, acidic and sticky foods, coffee, potato chips and sugary drinks to increase the possibility of not wearing dentures when you’re older. Your future self will absolutely thank you for being more conscious about what you avoid eating to dodge enamel erosion, cavities and the possibility of your teeth becoming brittle. Smile brighter and enjoy your stunning smile while you can by being aware of what foods to avoid.

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