4 Dental Tips You Should Follow This Holiday Season

4 Dental Tips You Should Follow This Holiday Season

2 toothbrushes with santa hats sit in a glass cup

Everyone looks forward to the holiday season Yet, many foods and beverages commonly enjoyed during the holidays are sugary or acidic and can impact your oral health if you choose to ignore proper dental health. Additionally, there are many  holiday dental tips you can follow to keep your teeth in even better condition. To ensure your smile is bright throughout your winter celebrations, here are four dental tips for the holiday season.

Brush Now More Than Ever

It’s always important to brush your teeth after a meal, but especially during the holiday season. Because of how sugary festive treats are, it’s essential that you always practice oral hygiene, no matter how much your schedule changes or is disrupted by holiday events. By utilizing preventative dental care, you’ll raise your chances of avoiding cavities and tooth damage.

Brushing after each meal or snack session will help remove any food substances that come into contact with your teeth. However, brushing before you even delve into holiday treats will ensure your teeth are clean, making it even harder for food debris to stick on afterward. It’s simple, but brushing your teeth more regularly is one of the easiest and most impactful holiday dental tips.

Your Diet Is More Than Just Christmas Cookies

While cookies and sweet treats are a staple of the holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, they are never a substitute for healthy foods. Not forgetting to eat fruits and vegetables is one of the essential holiday dental tips, as they provide teeth with the vitamins they need to stay strong and healthy. If you have kids or are planning to host a party and need festive food ideas, consider arranging fruits and vegetables into fun holiday-themed shapes.

Also, regardless of how much you love hot chocolate and eggnog, don’t neglect drinking water. Not only is it important for your overall health to stay hydrated, but water can help wash away any leftover food substances lingering on the teeth.

Protect Your Teeth

Unfortunately, Santa can’t leave us a brand-new set of teeth in our stockings. Therefore, it’s important to protect the ones you do have, and there are several holiday dental tips you should follow to protect them. For example, hard holiday candy like candy canes are more than sugary — they can chip your teeth when you bite down.

Plan Post Holiday Dentist Visit

Once the holidays have ended and the new year begins, it would be wise to make a visit to your dentist. They can help clean up your teeth following holiday excesses — however, it’s likely that many other people will want to have their teeth cleaned too. To ensure you have a space in your dentist’s calendar, one of the good holiday dental tips is to schedule your appointment early on.

If you’re searching for professional teeth cleaning services after the holiday season is over, contact Center City Emergency Dentist. We offer other services as well, including our emergency dental care in Philadelphia. To schedule your appointment, give us a call today.