Common Foods and Drinks That Can Stain Your Teeth

Common Foods and Drinks That Can Stain Your Teeth

Stains on your teeth can happen over time due to a variety of different foods and drinks. These stains often happen if a food or drink contains tannin, which is a naturally occurring compound. Acids can also wear down your teeth and increase the chance of stains. A cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia can help you understand the various foods and drinks that cause stains while also helping you take care of this problem and keep your teeth looking great.

Here are a few of the most common foods and drinks that can stain your teeth.


Coffee is a must-have beverage for countless people in the early morning hours. While coffee can help you feel more alert and energized, it can also cause stains on your teeth. Coffee contains tannins, which are one of the leading chemical compounds that can create teeth discoloration. Drinking your coffee in one sitting instead of throughout the day can limit the impact of these stains.


Different types of berries can also cause stains on your teeth, such as blueberries, pomegranates, and blackberries. The dark pigmentation of these berries is the main reason for these stains. Deep-colored fruits and dark-pigmented juices can also cause stains, such as grape beet and cranberry. Always rinsing your mouth with water is essential in preventing these stains.

Red Wine

The acidic nature of red wine can also cause stains by opening up the pores in the enamel of your teeth. Over time, the enamel will become rougher, which increases the chance of stains on your teeth. Rinsing your mouth with sparkling water after drinking red wine can help reduce the likelihood of staining your teeth.


Tea also contains tannins, which significantly increases the chance of teeth stains. However, you can reduce the chance of stains from tea by adding 2% milk to your tea for additional flavor. Casein is a specific protein in milk that’s responsible for limiting tea stains to your teeth.

Understanding the most common causes of teeth stains is important in keeping your teeth healthy and looking great at all times. Center City Emergency Dentist offers a variety of dental services for patients throughout the Philadelphia area. We strive to always provide the best possible dental care at an affordable price.

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