Ways to Help Reduce Anxiety Levels In The Emergency Dentist Office

For many people, getting dental work is anxiety inducing, even if it’s just a regular trip to the dentist and not an emergency dentist. Because of  negative past experiences or undue fears about what could go wrong, something like the sound of the dentist’s drill can set off feelings of discomfort and can create stress in the body. Many general and specialist dentist offices know their patients have anxiety in coming in and they take steps to help alleviate it through different strategies. For instance, sedation dentistry offices have popped up all over the place in an effort to help patients relax during procedures.

Often times, starting from the first phone call in helping to put your mind at rest, dental offices will help to educate you about what to expect and any pre-office preparation needed on your part. There are some steps you can take, starting at home, to help reduce your anxiety during your visit. One fairly easy step is to avoid caffeine. This will help your overall feeling of anxiousness. Another step is to eat high-protein foods before the appointment. Eating low sugar and high levels of protein will help to have a calming effect. It will also help to keep your blood sugar levels from getting low during the appointment, so you don’t become shaky feeling, adding to your discomfort. During your appointment, focus on breathing regularly and slowly. It is normal to hold your breath when you feel stressed or afraid, but an increase in your oxygen levels will help you feel more relaxed.

The best thing to do is to talk with your emergency dentist about your fears. The dentist can help educate you and help explain what will happen during the appointment. He or she can also know about your fears and approach the task in a more sensitive manner to help you feel cared for and safe.

Oral Care Mistakes You’re Making That Can Cause Cavities…And Might Lead To A Trip To An Emergency Dentist!

Since 1949, Emergency Dentist has been serving Philadelphia with the distinction that has made us known throughout the city. All of the major hospitals in the Philadelphia center city area come to us first with patients who need the quality services and expertise in restorative dentistry. Today we’re here to talk about common dental mistakes that you may not even realize that you’re making. Remember, you only get one set of choppers, and repair costs more than prevention.

1. Brushing too hard. If you brush too vigorously, you can wear away at your enamel and cause sensitivity and even gum recession. Make sure you have a brush with soft bristles and that when you brush your teeth, you brush in a circular motion and not side to side.

2. Eating too many acidic foods. Acidic foods wear down your tooth enamel, causing sensitivity issues and worse. That’s a problem because that top protective layer of enamel on our teeth never grows back. Some particular culprits are: sodas, orange juice, sports drinks, lemons, wine, and sour gummy candies. If you must have that soda or glass of wine, at least balance the pH in your mouth by drinking water after.

3. You’re whitening your teeth too much. It’s normal to want white teeth, but as we get older our teeth naturally get darker. Excessive whitening will erode your enamel over time.

4. Chasing down hot pizza with a cold drink. We’re all guilty of this! When you bite into a hot pizza, your enamel expands. When you take that drink of cold water or soda, you’re causing your enamel to contract. This creates what is called a craze line – where the enamel cracks and stains appear.