The Types of Halloween Candies You Need To Keep Your Eye Out for This Year

The Types of Halloween Candies You Need To Keep Your Eye Out for This Year

Halloween has just passed, and whether your children went with a homemade costume or searched all the top websites for the perfect outfit, at the end of the day, they probably ended up stuffing their mouths with tons and tons of candy.

As the top cosmetic dentist office in Philadelphia, we here at CCED, want all parents to be alert of what kind of candy their children are consuming. Limiting these types of bad candy can help keep your little one out of our chair this fall.

Sticky Candy

Sticky candy is some of the worst types of candy that you can put in your mouth. Since the stickiness can linger on your teeth for a prolonged time, your chance of running into a cavity is much higher. The same goes for eating dried fruit. Both candies can eat away at your teeth because of the stickiness and sugar concentration.

Dark Chocolate

Since no one likes a ton of bad news in a row, we thought we’d shake it up and let you know one of the “better” kinds of candy. You did read that correctly, dark chocolate here and there may actually be good for you. The makeup of dark chocolate is just as effective as fluoride when it comes to fighting tooth decay.

Gummy Worms

Another bad type of candy can be found in gummy worms. Due to their acidic style, gummy worms can be very bad for the enamel of your teeth. Those popular sour gummy worms are even worse for you.


Just like with our first problem with stickiness, lollipops are awful for your teeth because of how long it takes to eat a single lollipop. Any candy that is eaten and followed up with a brushing of the teeth is not going to be as bad for your teeth compared to enjoying a lollipop for a couple of minutes.

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