10 Healthy Oral Habits for 2021

10 Healthy Oral Habits for 2021

At Center City Emergency Dentist, our goal is to ensure your smile is the best it can be. During routine checkups and cleanings, we’ll offer insight and guidance on how to do that. When there’s a need for an emergency or cosmetic dentist, Philadelphia residents can count on our team to provide full help. In the meantime, consider these healthy oral habits.

#1: Visit the Dentist

Every six months, come in to see your dentist. This is when we can discuss oral health concerns that need to be cared for, including bacteria, plaque, and decay.

#2: Use Mouthwash

Your toothbrush cannot do everything. Mouthwash can help to get rid of persistent bacteria buildup, especially between teeth.

#3: Take a Closer Look

Open sores, damaged teeth, and discoloration are common problems with oral health. Take the time to look in your mouth for potential issues. Then, come in to see your dentist.

#4: Invest in Cosmetic Dentistry

You can have a beautiful smile. Veneers, teeth whitening, and other services can give you a fresh, like new smile.

#5: Think About Restorative Dentistry

Missing or decaying teeth are a health risk, not just a dental problem. Have teeth removed so that you can brighten your smile with dental implants and crowns. Restore your health and your confidence.

#6: Tackle Gum Disease Now

A bit of blood after brushing is an indication of gum disease. It can improve faster with the help of a professional teeth cleaning.

#7: Get Help for Teeth Grinding

If your teeth are dull or you wake up with jaw pain, that is an indication of teeth grinding at night. Talk to your dentist about solutions to protect your teeth.

#8: Don’t Smoke

It discolors your teeth. It also creates damage to the gums that’s hard to reverse and can lead to tooth loss.

Here are some more tips and tricks to consider

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