What is an Onlay?

What is an Onlay?

dentist creating onlay

In life, many things can go wrong unexpectedly, like the loss of a good smile due to dental problems. Broken teeth or tooth loss arising from decay or dental accidents can adversely affect a critical part of your life and confidence. But with the best cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia, you can have your oral health and smile restored. The process is simple with an onlay.

Dental Onlays

Onlays cover the chewing surface going over the cusps of your teeth and are designed from gold, resin, composite, or solid porcelain. It is an excellent alternative to conventional dental crowns because of its long-lasting fillings.

When a fracture or decay is extensive enough that amalgam restoration becomes unreliable, such as cuspal damage compromising the integrity of your tooth’s walls, an onlay is recommended. Onlays are used to strengthen and restore the shape of damaged teeth excellently. However, due to each individual’s unique circumstances, only a dental professional can determine whether an onlay or amalgam filling would be the best course of action.

Onlay Procedure

When an onlay is used, most of the tooth structure is preserved, but it requires getting the cusp shape just right. This makes the process difficult, so a skilled and experienced dentist is needed for the procedure. The process is divided into two stages, with the first involving the use of a local anesthetic to numb your mouth, remove the decayed section, and design the onlay. An impression is used to fabricate a permanent restoration.

As the permanent onlay is being designed, a temporary onlay is used on the patient’s teeth for the time being. Proper care is required to prevent damage or injuries. Reputable cosmetic dentistry experts will always recommend some guidelines necessary for temporary onlay care. Some basic tips are as follows: