Don’t Neglect Your Home Oral Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Don’t Neglect Your Home Oral Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has vehemently impacted the lives of Philadelphia residents, and across the nation. As businesses continue to shut down or adopt a work-from-home model, most of us have learned to embrace, or at least begrudgingly accept, a new routine. In fact, it’s almost too easy to stray away from health habits that we’ve spent years following in favor of new lethargic tendencies.

However, now more than ever, it’s extremely important not to slack on important health habits. Today, the team at Center City Emergency Dentists of Philadelphia will cover some essential tips for keeping up with excellent home oral care. 

How to Give Your Oral Hygiene a Boost 

If good dental hygiene isn’t high on your priority list, we strongly urge you to reconsider. You can’t afford to develop a painful cavity at a time where most dental practices are either closed or accepting only emergency appointments. Therefore, keeping up with your oral health, if not improving it, is a crucial way to take care of yourself right now and in the future. Follow these tips to give your oral hygiene a boost. 

  • Wash Your Hands: Before you pick up your toothbrush, make sure you wash your hands with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds, so you’re not spreading any unnecessary germs on dental instruments that will soon go into your mouth. 
  • Brush and Floss: Remove all of the harmful bacteria that builds up in your mouth during the day (or night) by brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. You also need to floss at least once during the day. We recommend doing so before going to bed. 
  • Clean Your Toothbrush: Part of staying healthy during this nasty outbreak is disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces, including your toothbrush! Keeping your toothbrush clean is key in limiting the number of bacteria you introduce into your mouth. 
  • Maintain a Healthy Diet: Studies have shown that your diet has an enormous effect on your dental health. Although you have 24/7 access to your personal kitchen, it’s important to avoid unnecessary snacking and limit your sugar intake. Make sure you’re reaching for your leafy greens and glass of water instead!

How Does Limited Access to a Dentist Affect You?

In following the state’s social distancing orders, many dental practices have amended their office hours or the dental care made available to the public. Most likely, you won’t be able to drop by your dentist’s office just because you feel a toothache coming on. You’ll need to call your dentist and follow their instructions carefully, so you can successfully resolve your issue with home remedies. 

At Center City Emergency Dentists, we are only accepting appointments for emergency dental service for the time being. Due to the limited availability of appointments, patients will be asked for a $50 deposit to secure their reservation — this sum will be used towards their office visit and dental treatment, or it will be refunded back. To learn more about the measures our office is taking against COVID-19, please click here. 

Please remember that your safety has and will always remain our top priority. Schedule your emergency appointment by contacting our offices at any time.