Why You Should Consider Getting Your Dental Implants from Our Emergency Dentist

While our emergency dentist in Philadelphia may not be the first place you think of for dental implants, maybe it should be. We’ve been helping patients since 1949 with more than just their dental emergencies–and one of those things is dental implants. Our dentists understand the huge impact that dental implants can make on the oral health of our patients and we strive to give them the very best implants possible. Here are three reasons you need to come to our emergency dental office for your dental implants:

  • Experience. Because our office has been around so long and so many of our dentists have decades of experience with implants, it would be hard to find another office with more experience. That means we understand the best methods and technologies to make a dental implant successful and won’t be surprised by anything that comes up along the way.
  • Quality. We’re dedicated to high-quality dental care, whether that’s emergency dental services, dental implants, or cosmetic dentistry. We use the finest materials to give you the best final results for your dental care.
  • Convenience. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and many of our services are available the same day you make your appointment. That means you won’t be waiting days or even weeks for the dental implants you need!

Our emergency dentist office is happy to help with your non-emergency care, too! If you are ready to improve your appearance and your dental health, call us at 267-421-5379 to make an appointment for dental implants. You can also learn more about dental implants or make your appointment on our website!

From Emergency Dentists to Prosthodontists Under One Roof

Getting the dental care that you need should be easy, but that isn’t always the case. Often when you go to other dental offices, they run you around to different specialists to get you the help that you need–and sometimes those appointments are months and miles away. Center City Emergency Dentists makes it as easy as possible by housing all of the care you need under one roof! We have a team of dentists that vary in specialization so you can get the care you need under one roof. You’ll love not needing to deal with referrals when it comes to your dental care. Check out some of the specializations we offer in our wonderful dental office:

  • Cosmetic dentistry. Restore the look of your smile! Bonding, whitening, implants and more are available.
  • Endodontist. These dentists specialize in saving your teeth through root canals and other procedures involving the root and pulp of your teeth.
  • Prothodontist. Restorative dentistry that involves the restoration or replacement of teeth.
  • General dentistry. Get your cleanings, cavities filled, crowns put on, and more. Our general dentists will help you keep your mouth healthy!
  • Emergency dentists. Help is here day or night! Our emergency dental services are available 24 hours a day.

Now you can come to one dental office in Philadelphia and get all of the care that you need. Our team of dentists can help! Give us a call at 215-315-7691 or contact us through our website. Once you’ve been to our office, you’ll understand why we are a Top Rated Local® Emergency Dentist in the Philadelphia area!

When It’s Time for Urgent Dental Care

Sometimes patients hesitate to get urgent dental care. They assume their issue can wait until morning, when in actuality the sooner they come to us the less lasting damage there will be to their oral health. Waiting to see the dentist can result in greater injuries and pain as well as more expensive restorative dental work in the future, so it’s good to know what is and what isn’t a dental emergency. Here are signs that it’s time for a visit to our urgent dental care office:

  • You are bleeding inside your mouth and it won’t stop. This includes injuries to the soft tissues of your mouth, including gums, tongue, and lips.
  • Your pain is no longer manageable. Severe pain is a sign of a severe problem, and should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Lost tooth. The sooner you see a dentist after losing a permanent tooth, the greater the chance is they can save it.

Other issues like lost crowns, dental fillings, and a minor chip to your tooth are not usually emergencies. If you aren’t sure if your dental issue is an emergency or not, you can give our office a call and we’ll help you sort it out. Call us at 215-315-7691 and we’ll get you the information and answers that you need. If you’ve decided to wait for an appointment, you can call us for an appointment or request one through our website. We’ll do out best to get you in as soon as possible even if you aren’t an emergency case.

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Think you should just tough out the pain you are experiencing in your mouth? That could be a very bad idea. Whether it is a tooth, gums, or other soft tissues of your mouth pain is an indication that you need to come into our 24-hour emergency dentist. Pain is the body’s signal to you that something is wrong, and often when it comes to dental pain it is a sign of an infection. If these infections aren’t properly treated, they can spread quickly.

Once an infection begins to spread, it can cause damage to larger and larger areas of your mouth. Sometimes infections can become so severe that they can become life-threatening. That’s why visit an emergency dentist like Center City in Philadelphia is so important. You’ll get the treatment you need to help stop the spread of the infection, mitigate any damage that’s already been done, and get relief for your pain. It’s not only worth the visit, it could save your life.

Our dentist will always treat you with great care, compassion, and expertise. Even if your pain doesn’t turn out to be an emergency, we’d rather you come in for a visit than risk more damage by waiting at home. Get in touch with our 24-hour emergency dentist when you are experiencing oral pain. Emergency patients are welcome to come by our location at 220 S. 16th Street, Suite 901 in Philadelphia. If you have questions, you can call 215.315.7691. Whatever you do, make sure you take care of yourself by allowing us to take care of you!

Learn More About Insurance Accepted by Our Emergency Dentist in Philadelphia

Our emergency dentist in Philadelphia accepts many major insurance plans so you can get the care that you need. We accept over 150 different insurance plans from companies such as Cigna, Metlife, Delta Dental, and more. However, we do not accept plans from any state-funded insurance plans, HMOs, DMOs, Keystone Mercy or Keystone First. If you have an insurance plan that we don’t accept, does that mean you’ll have to get your emergency dental care somewhere else? Not at all–we’re happy to help you regardless of your insurance.

You can still come to Center City Emergency Dentists even if you don’t have insurance or have a plan that we don’t accept! We offer financing so you can afford to get the treatment and dental care that you need. Our financing is guaranteed no matter what your financial status is or the state of your credit. We believe that everyone should have access to terrific dental care, no matter what your insurance is like or what your financial status is currently. We want to help you get the care you need, and we’ll help you create an affordable monthly payment plan in order to afford it.

So don’t hesitate to come to our emergency dentists the next time you need help. We offer more than just services from our emergency dentist, too. Our guaranteed financing is available for all of our dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, extractions, and more. Just give us a call and let’s look into your insurance together. We’ll verify whether or not we accept your plan, and if we don’t, we’ll work with you on an affordable payment option. Give us a call at 215-315-7691 today.

What to Do When You’ve Knocked Out Your Tooth

Knocking out a tooth is both painful and worrisome. If you don’t end up caring for your knocked out tooth correctly, you could lose it permanently. That is not something you want, and it’s something that you can help avoid. Our urgent dental care facility in Philadelphia offers tips on what to do when you’ve knocked out a tooth:

  • Find the tooth. It can’t be replaced if you can’t find it, so priority number one is locating the tooth.
  • Keep it clean. Gently rinse the tooth off, but don’t remove any tissues that are still attached (they may be helpful in reattaching the tooth).
  • Put the tooth back in the socket, if at all possible.
  • If you can’t get the tooth back in, place it in a glass of milk. If you don’t have milk, tap water with table salt is the next best thing.
  • Call our urgent dental care as soon as possible.

The sooner you come to our urgent dental care facility in Philadelphia the better the chances are that we’ll be able to save your tooth. Minutes matter, so don’t waste anytime. Thankfully, we’re here 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, so no matter what time of the day or night you’ve knocked out a tooth, we will be here to help.

We’re located on south 16th street in the heart of Philly so we’re convenient to reach from nearly any location in the area. You can give us a call at 267-421-5379 or contact us through our website for your urgent dental care appointment today!